Photo of Three Leaf House by Sage Architecture

2011 Looking Forward

    I received an email from one of the photography associations I belong to, the Association of Independent Architectural photographers,, thanking everyone for all the reports of increasing business

Photo of Outdoor dinning room by William Carter Contruction

A New Category..

When a photographer has a bit of time, its time to work on the portfolio/web page, and while I was looking through my recent shoots to find new content, I realized I also shoot landscape and garden. So now there is a page of things from the last couple years. Outdoor kitchens in their environment […]

Photo of Baggage claim At Oakland Airport by YHLA

It’s The Economy

It’s the political season and once again, economic “crisis”. Why the quotes? Because life will go on. It always seems to. Change is constant and ups and downs of the economy are part of that. But what is more important is that “life”, that is going on, despite those things that hold our attention and […]