Photo of Outdoor dinning room by William Carter Contruction

A New Category..

When a photographer has a bit of time, its time to work on the portfolio/web page, and while I was looking through my recent shoots to find new content, I realized I also shoot landscape and garden.

So now there is a page of things from the last couple years. Outdoor kitchens in their environment such as above, a private park in Granite Bay I photographed for Sacramento Magazine a while back….

Real gardens, behind peoples homes.

And golf courses! I love to go out in the early morning in a cart with my gear and enjoy a golf course as a photography subject rather than an athletic challenge! I don’t do that too often, but I have shot at Del Paso, Northridge, and Serrano.

The outdoor kitchen assignments are probably the closest to what I would do for my regular client base, and the ones that are pure landscape or gardening are more likely editorial assignments. But I do enjoy them and would welcome more similar work.

I am working on my own yard and garden, in the newish home I moved into 4 years ago….I am building a small pool pavilion this summer, stucco’d concrete block, supporting beams and slats. I have already had the pad poured and set the stone steps, as well as the block and stucco short walls the surround the pool deck.

No photos yet….it will be a few years before its time.

I had a recent story in Sacramento Magazine about a home near me in Winters with a wonderful garden, envisioned and planted by the homeowner over a 15 year period. (The duck photo, is in the orchard next to the victorian home the more formal garden surrounds)

Hopefully my faithful readers will take this new idea of mine, which really is nothing new, but just me thinking a little differently about what I do, and play with your own efforts and plans and put a bit of new motion into your business.

As always I would love to offer any advice or help that I can. I would love to help you with new marketing projects, postcards, print on demand books….

I have mentioned print on demand books, such as from haven’t I?

Custom printed books, you create on the web for as little as $19.95. And you can order just one, or just a few to give to people related to a specific project…

Hope spring is full of good new things for all….!

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