Photo of Baggage claim At Oakland Airport by YHLA

It’s The Economy

It’s the political season and once again, economic “crisis”.

Why the quotes? Because life will go on. It always seems to. Change is constant and ups and downs of the economy are part of that.

But what is more important is that “life”, that is going on, despite those things that hold our attention and divert us from focus on our goals.

Goals such as a happy healthy family, personal life and a sound and stable business.

Yes, it is real that business has slowed down for some people, I have seen it in my customers, and in my bookings, but rather than worry and putting my attention on the what ifs, I feel a different tactic is in order.

Focus on adding all the value I can to the jobs I do have. That way my clients will survive the slowdown better, and be in a better position to carry forward when the inevitable upturn comes.

Fine tune my systems, take a look at how I operate as a business and as a photographer to see what improvements I can implement, now, while I have a little more time.

And mostly promote. I have learned from the smartest of my clients that the marketing always has to go on, it is the seed planted, that will be harvested later.

Of course I love to promote the idea of promoting, marketing, and advertising, as that is to a large degree what my product is a part of for you, my clients…..

This month I have my new business cards coming in…..see through plastic card stock with a little redesign over the last ones….and I will be mailing out postcards to some of my mailing list, though not to everyone as the image is an older one. Postcards, the best, cheapest and most effective piece of marketing, in my opinion for anyone with a visual product! A couple hundred dollars for the postcards, if you already have an image, and then postage and a brief note, and you can reach and remind those names on your mailing list…..last marketing seminar I attended said just do 10 a day….

The images below? From the newly remodeled and expanded Terminal 2 at Oakland International Airport by YHLA.

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