Photo of Three Leaf House by Sage Architecture

2011 Looking Forward

    I received an email from one of the photography associations I belong to, the Association of Independent Architectural photographers,, thanking everyone for all the reports of increasing business

Rebound? Upturn? Hope and Change?

A little past the middle of the year and it seems as if there is a rise in the ocean of the economy. My bookings are up, clients paying faster, and the telemarketers have a happy lilt in their voice, as if pickings are getting easier! I am shooting a project this month of a […]

Photo of Custom dining table by Phil Garcia

What to do in a Slow Economy?

Its obvious by now that the economy has taken the biggest down hill slide since the “Great Depression”. The Dow going from the 12,000 highs to 7,000’s today, mortgage money only lent to people actually qualified, and job seekers actually having to compete for jobs rather than be competed for! But those of us who […]

photo of Well House by Robert Lindley of YHLA

Three magazine month…

 April is a beautiful month, spring has sprung and I am in three regional magazines all at once. I am usually in Sacramento Magazine in their Dwelling feature every month, as I am this one with photos taken for Harry Hedrick at Expert Design and Construction. It is the middle photo above of a stunning […]