photo of Well House by Robert Lindley of YHLA

Three magazine month…

Photo of Outdoor living area by Expert Design & Construction. Photo by Dave Adams Photography.
Outdoor living area by Expert Design & Construction.

 April is a beautiful month, spring has sprung and I am in three regional magazines all at once.

I am usually in Sacramento Magazine in their Dwelling feature every month, as I am this one with photos taken for Harry Hedrick at Expert Design and Construction. It is the middle photo above of a stunning outdoor living space, a balcony addition to a home on American River Canyon Drive. I focused on the fireplace and decor, but what you don’t see is spectacular views towards downtown sacramento….It also had a second balcony above that is open to the sky….We all should live so well!

I was also in Solano Magazine, which I have shot for, off and on since its inception. It is the first photo, of a kitchen in a home on the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley near St Helena. The owner was a designer herself and had concurrent projects in Nantucket, Palm Beach, andKauai….I love to get phone calls from Kauai…I’d rather be there though!

Photo of a Napa Valley Kitchen by Dave Adams Photography.
Napa Valley Kitchen

And the dusk exterior shot is of an infill house in Davis, would you believe that it is built on a 50’ X 50’ lot? It was built on a plot that had previously been the site of a city well and the house is called “The Pump House”.

Photo of the Pump House by Robert Lindley, YHLA Architecture. Photo by Dave Adams Photography.
Pump House by Robert Lindley, YHLA Architecture.

I shot it for SacTown Magazine, the first time they had commissioned me directly, although they have used photos by me in the past in their premiere issue of a house in Folsom by Sage Architecture,

Come to think of it, I was in the premiere issue of LuxLife Magazine too….and Solano and SacTown…

Hummmm, a trend.  Wanna start a magazine? Give me a call!

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