Rebound? Upturn? Hope and Change?

A little past the middle of the year and it seems as if there is a rise in the ocean of the economy. My bookings are up, clients paying faster, and the telemarketers have a happy lilt in their voice, as if pickings are getting easier!

I am shooting a project this month of a type I had not done in several years…..model homes! Yes, homes are actually being built again! The company I am shooting for is “The New Home Company”, , which was founded by the previous top management at John Laing Homes.

Their homes seem to be an appropriate interpretation of what people will be wanting at this time….en suite bathrooms for the kids bedrooms, upstairs laundry rooms, large master baths…and the ability to add options and features to individualize the home. Pricing in the high $200,000’s. Sounds like a winning strategy to me.

But do I think we are headed to the carefree and booming days of just a few years ago, when work was plentiful, money loose and blue sky the only limits? NO.

I hope that we move to a period of steady growth, at sustainable levels that will continue to my retirement! Of course hope and change are not always hand holding buddies…

I’ve learned, (maybe a bit late in the game) that change is the only constant, and that flexibility and self growth are the best way to survive and prosper. Pity the photographer who didn’t make the switch to digital, now that getting film professionally developed is difficult, or perhaps the builder who never learned to market and promote……both people who are probably now in different, less fun occupations!

My thoughts……comments?


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