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I had an epiphany yesterday, while watching a TV show in Hi Def on my laptop computer on the internet. Not a divine revelation, but the lessor definition, a sudden insight. And it was that my kids don’t watch TV.

Not that they don’t watch video format entertainment, they do plenty of that, but not on a television. The television is now relegated to being a device that you hook up to video game consoles.

Video content is now viewed on a laptop, or and Iphone or Ipod, or maybe in some extreme cases of lack of those, via a DVD on a televison.

Scheduled TV is a thing of my past for them.

And they don’t use the phone much either! Texting? Yes every few minutes. Online chat/wall/other? Hourly. Facebook seems to be a reliable source of the hourly activities of their whole social circle. I have had my son say there is no point in calling someone on the phone, they probably won’t answer, but on facebook, they seem to get the message fairly rapidly!

So this epiphany….more specificly is that the stable, organized world I live in is disappearing from under my feet. My assumptions, my operating basis, my very basic tools of living, are being reinvented faster than I am learning.

Yes I use facebook:

And I love to be networked at LinkedIn:

And I do text, even with clients!

But my thinking is not ahead of the curve yet. How do I stay relevant at least long enough to survive in business until a happy retirement?

One of my worries is that still photography will fade out in favor of video. Mike and Kathe Russell at , who have been great clients of mine for years now, use video on their facebook page in their marketing efforts….

Will still photography last? On factor in favor of stills it that the degree of styling and lighting can be a much higher level at a much lower cost that professional video. But “amateur” video, well edited, seems to work just fine for many web uses.

Print publication is fading too. The newspaper of today is half the size of one 5 years ago, and its the ads that drive that shrinkage. Magazines too are folding like cheap chairs at any overeaters convention. I can’t be the only person to notice that the deep discounts for magazine subscriptions have vanished, along with many titles.

So….what do I do? I already deliver all my photography in digital format. I haven’t had a print made in over a year. (And if I deliver completely over the internet, you pay no sales tax!)

I Blog, I facebook, I linkedin, you can text me at 916 601 0852….. but for a time, I will live in two worlds, the old phone, mail, and real tangible product one, and the new less tangible, but maybe more rich one my children are creating.

I have made a few websites now, including this one. I am no expert, but I would be glad to help anyone who doesn’t now have a site, to put one together at a reasonable cost. I try to link most of my clients sites from this one, so if you’re not listed on my clients page with a link, let me know.

I can produce postcards too, a low cost and tangible way to remind customers that you exist!

And of course, images. I still make them, and hope that I will for years to come.

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