Photo of Pressed paper counter tops

I have a Green Website!

I just found out in an email from the company that hosts my website, (  unlimited storage and bandwidth! for $66 per year), that I have a green website. Green as in all the electricity used to power the servers hosting my site are powered by wind energy!

That of course does not make my photos any better, and probably does little to overcome global warming….but its nice to know. Some folks may also notice that the car I drive is one of the highest EPA rated for fuel economy ever sold in the US. (48 city, 55 Hwy) Its not that I am fanatically environmentally conscious as much as fiscally conservative, or cheap as my wife says….

But what better motivation than self interest? Of course informed self interest, taking into account the effect of what I do on the world around me. It all comes back somehow…

And speaking of coming back and green….The Economy! It seems to be on the upswing…. financial indexes rising….job losses stabilizing, and hopefully everyone spending a little less frugally. Money (green) comes around to all of us when it is flowing….

Green is a good theme to promote on… is self interest and common interest…

Some ideas….remodel that kitchen and save gas that would be used to drive to the restaurants! Build a new addition with energy saving features to cut your utility bills and recycle your old home!

Green, and the photos above? The bathroom is green in color, and the work of Dreambuilders, Kathe and Mike Russell in El Dorado Hills. And it was someone’s dream!

The Kitchen by William Carter Construction, is both green in color and in materials of the counter top! A pressed paper product with I believe Macadamia nut oil binder!

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